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Meet Our Team

  • Civil and contentious issues services
  • Values
  • Corporate philosophy

Civil and contentious issues services

MUÑOZ MENA ABOGADOS mission is to help our clients to obtain the best possible result and advice in matters of civil nature, encompassing family law, rights in rem, contracts and inheritance. In the same way, the absolute satisfaction of our clients in all sort of administrative procedures is our priority, especially in regard to the processing of penalty procedures.

In order to accomplish our mission, MUÑOZ MENA ABOGADOS rely on the best professionals, from lawyers to administrative personnel, facilitating their training and personal development within an excellent working environment.

MUÑOZ MENA ABOGADOS professionals, on their behalf, are committed to offer top-quality services and communication to our clients.


  • Humanity:

    In MUÑOZ MENA ABOGADOS we are people at the service of people

  • Ethics:

    In MUÑOZ MENA ABOGADOS we place ethics before interests, our relationship with the client is based on absolute respect and kindness.

  • Service excellence:

    MUÑOZ MENA ABOGADOS professionals have a client orientated service. We exert ourselves in order to fulfil our clients’ expectations and provide assurance. These are achieved by providing reliability (legal quality) and service quality (information, prompt response to calls, empathy, courtesy and understanding).

  • Communication:

    All MUÑOZ MENA ABOGADOS professionals facilitate and promote internal and external communication, satisfying and surpassing any expectation.

  • Creativity:

    Our ability to find creative solutions to complex legal situations in the field of administrative law has been the hallmark of our law firm since its foundation.

Corporate philosophy

In MUÑOZ MENA ABOGADOS our corporate culture is completely client-oriented. We are devoted to our clients. We believe that a call or a visit from a client is an opportunity to provide a better service. We ask our clients and actively listen to their concerns, in order to fully understand their needs and be able to solve their problems providing top-quality legal advice. Our clients always receive personalised treatment and service, tailored to their needs.

We exert ourselves in order to fulfil your expectations. Our professionals’ availability and client treatment is a priority to all our personnel. To achieve this excellence in the relationship with the client, we support a strong and consensual value system (ethics, service quality, team work, communication and creativity) that allows the development of the people forming our team.